My Favorite Pastime…Bathing with a Bunch of Strangers

Our time in Budapest was limited. In hindsight, I really could have gone to a different bathhouse everyday and my next trip I will do so as I would consider myself a connoisseur. Szechenyi is one of the largest bathhouses in Budapest and figured this out by getting lost a few times. There were so many pools inside we had no idea how to get outside to the large pool, after a few tours around the complex we finally found it and were awestruck. It certainly was a party on whatever afternoon we decided to go, wading through the crowd of people mostly our age or younger we had to do a few laps before finding an open gap to bask in. I swear my friend and I barely talked the whole time because we so entertained by spring breakers gossiping and running back and forth to the bar. When we weren’t laughing and people watching, we were studying the beautiful complex with its ornate fountains and balconies. If it hadn’t been for our dinner plans or the wrinkles, I am sure we would have stayed all night.

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