A photo of Hungarian Parliament has been seen by everyone probably a few times at some point in their lives. By day and by night this building is magnificent as the building and the rest of the city is lit up. Traveling by boat under bridges, past Fisherman’ Bastion and getting up close and personal... Continue Reading →

One of the quirkiest and unique structures I have ever seen. Fisherman’s Bastion was constructed to celebrate 1000 years of rule by a monarch as a viewing tower. Though the original walls of the viewing structure were used in battle for many centuries, the ceremonial building was created with no military or defense purpose. Its... Continue Reading →

An island with a sad history. Poor Princess Margarit was exiled to this island to live in a convent. Today the island is only for recreational use, boasting several gardens, a running track, a bathhouse, a hotel and restaurants. Though it is small, it is right in the middle of the Danube and offers spectacular... Continue Reading →

Our time in Budapest was limited. In hindsight, I really could have gone to a different bathhouse everyday and my next trip I will do so as I would consider myself a connoisseur. Szechenyi is one of the largest bathhouses in Budapest and figured this out by getting lost a few times. There were so... Continue Reading →

When you hear the word ‘ruin’ you are probably expecting to see some old crumbling building, right? Everyone in person and online raves about the ruin bars in Budapest, so for some reason I was imagining cave like bars. In my humble opinion, there is only one ruin bar worth its salt and that is... Continue Reading →

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