Wedding Cake Rock – a hop, skip, and a jump from Sydney

I took the metro to the end of the line and hopped on a tiny, dingy ferry that took me to a small residential town with one grocery store and 2 restaurants. After fueling up at one of these two establishments, I headed out on foot to the trailhead in search of Wedding Cake rock and was not disappointed. The cliffs were crumbling so part of the trail had a boardwalk and made me feel like I was on the yellow brick road to see this famous rock. The rock formation in question, was crumbling, and fenced off a little bit but I was able to sneak a peak and it sure did look like a piece of layer cake. The scene was so beautiful, the cliffs at the edge of the ocean and tip of the world. Though I had reached my destination, I wanted more and wasn’t ready to leave so I continued on and came across this beach – the most incredible beach at the edge of the world.

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