There's a Luna Park in Melbourne and a sister one in Sydney - the perfect place to watch the sunset and take a walk down childhood memory lane. The entire park is full of old rides and games that are perfect for a photo opp.

I took the metro to the end of the line and hopped on a tiny, dingy ferry that took me to a small residential town with one grocery store and 2 restaurants. After fueling up at one of these two establishments, I headed out on foot to the trailhead in search of Wedding Cake rock... Continue Reading →

Sydney was the last stop on my Australia trip and it left me wanting more. Each beach more beautiful than the next. Right outside the bustling city lies the easy going beach town of Bondi. Though it was fall, the beach was still crowded and surfers were still catching tasty waves.

After a long walk down the beach, outside of the city in St. Kilda, many tourists flock to the row of brightly painted bathing boxes. Back in the day, perhaps a hundred years ago, beach goers would use these boxes to change into their swimming costumes. Modestly was of the utmost importance, so changing as... Continue Reading →

At the crack of dawn, I hopped aboard a boat ready to snorkel at the outermost part of the Great Barrier Reef. The guides aboard told us about all of the marine life we would see and each creatures role in the underwater ecosystem - some fish cleaned others and had customers lined up like... Continue Reading →

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