Walking around Buda and Pest

The best way to kick off a trip in a new city is to take a walking tour to orient yourself, get your bearings and allow yourself to be squired around the city by a guide. It can be overwhelming to hop off a bus or a train in a new city and navigate your way around, especially when the native language is not English. For the budget traveller, a free walking tour is the way to go and most cities do offer them if you search hard enough. Nearly 50 people showed up for the walking tour in Budapest, so after dividing into several groups we toured the Pest side and learned about the history and the currency of the country. The guide shared little tidbits of information along the way on what to do, where to go and other recommendations. She let us know that the yellow tram that runs along the river goes quite far and gets close to a beach, and that her favorite museum is The Hospital in the Rock.

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