The beach towns north of Cairns

The Great Barrier reef was on my bucket list and my friend in the U.K. said that Cairns was a must do out of everything in Australia. The city of Cairns is more of a port for travelers going out to see the reef – which is heavily polluted and damaged so I wanted to see it then no matter what the cost. I had a few days in the city, so I decided to seek out one of the beaches closest to the city. I hopped on a public bus for a few Australian dollars and went on to the next beach town – to my disbelief, we were driving on a literal highway and on the side of the road, I saw a field full of hundreds of kangaroos. They are like deer in Australia, it was not a farm or a sanctuary but just a field where the ‘roos were just chillin in their natural habitat. It was wild! I arrive at Palm Cove where I find one of the most beautiful beaches and had a nice day relaxing and soaking up the beach vibes.

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