Lamington National Park | Gold Coast, Australia

My first stop on the Gold Coast was the Lamington National Park – I got picked up and whisked off to the forest where our driver took us up the side of the mountain on a 4 wheel drive path. A private road, straight through the woods, where we were able to see animals clinging to the trees while trying not to lose our breakfasts from the bumpy drive. First we hiked to waterfalls and then a series of treetop bridges, we saw everything from the ground to the water to the trees. Our guide pointed out some killer spiders and I was reminded that Australia is home to some of the most insane and dangerous wildlife in the world – pretty much everything can kill you there! We had some lovely scones and tea after our hike – scones, I learned, are not British, but in fact, an Australian creation. After driving by kangaroos in their natural habitat, we had a BBQ next to a river and tried my luck with a boomerang afterwards.

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