Tulips on Parade at Keukenhof

Once I defrosted from the motorcycle ride, my hosts wanted me to get an understanding of the history and science behind the tulip so we went to Keukenhof. Keukenhof is more than just a series of gardens, it is a seasonal attraction in which the tulips are grown inside and then transplanted outside and attended to, creating a magical and mystical ambiance. Divided into many different sections, you will see tulips arranged in different patterns in an array of colors, surrounding or abutting a pond or canal. At each section, there is an indoor exhibit with either a breathtaking display of tulips, a themed tribute to orchids or dedicated to the history of the tulip. My hosts scoffed at how touristy the attraction was since they lived next to tulip fields, I understood their reaction. However, I found Keukenhof refreshing and thought it was a fantastic way to showcase the country’s pride and joy as well as educate and encourage tourists to participate in the tulip market.

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