Motorcycle Ride Through The Tulip Fields

After a 13-hour bus ride from London to Amsterdam, to say I was bushed is an understatement. Traveling on the cheap is certainly not comfortable but definitely worth the savings. Unbeknownst to me, the bus departing from London’s Victoria Station did not drive under a tunnel beneath the English Channel or hop on a ferry to get across to France but rather was placed on a train like a conveyor belt used to transport vehicles. At no point in time were we told what was going on, so everyone who was awake at the time watched in fascination as each step unfolded before our eyes and it was hard to tell when we were moving and when we weren’t. My wonderful hosts had me on an adventurous schedule during my week-long visit, so after a good night’s sleep, I set off on my first adventure which ended up being one of the more gutsy activities of my world tour. A few weeks ago, my host sent me a message out of the blue asking me if I would be interested in riding a motorcycle and without any hesitation, I immediately responded with an enthusiastic yes. It just so happened that the week of my visit was also the beginning of the tulip blooming season. So this motorcycle ride was not just an ordinary one, but rather a special behind the scenes tour through tulip fields on a vehicle which was reportedly the best way to view the flowers. Snow was still on the ground and the air was frigid, despite this, tulip buds sprouted through the frozen grass slowly but surely and more and more with each passing day. Decked out in serious motorcycle gear and with the cold wind whipping at my face, we jetted off passing by fields of sheep, canals, windmills, and quaint farmhouses to see flowers in which the entire country seemingly revolved around.

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