A Hipster’s Day in London

London is one of my favorite cities and since I have visited a few times already, we wanted to do less touristy things and explore parts of the city I had not yet seen. Our first stop was Camden, the home of late jazz singer Amy Winehouse and also one of the trendiest neighborhoods I have ever encountered. The streets were crowded and Camden market was completely covered by a sea of young people eating Indian or vegan food while drinking boba next to the canal. The market stalls were never ending and full of vintage clothes, records, art and Turkish lamps. For some reason, these lamps always catch my attention and I have to give myself a few minutes to oggle. Perhaps it’s the craftsmanship of the glass mosaic or the rainbow of color, but these lamps always catch my eye. We decided to ditch the crowd and hop on the water-bus which took us up the canal past the London Zoo and colorful houseboats to the quiet Little Venice.

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