Harry Potter Studios | Checking Off the Bucket List

As you can tell by now, I am clearly a Harry Potter fan and had a fabulous time casually visiting film sites and hot spots where the author sourced her inspiration. From the train in Scotland to Edinburgh Castle, I felt that the U.K. was very magical even in the rain and snow. So naturally, I had to go to Warner Brothers Studios to check out all things Harry Potter as it was on my bucket list. My friend and I were accompanied by her mother and aunt, we had an absolutely marvelous time exploring the sets and gawking at the elaborate costumes. In between our laughter and feelings of nostalgia and awe, we walked through the Great Hall, the Ministry of Magic, across a few bridges and into the house on Privte Drive. The exhibit seemed endless, with rooms and rooms full of costumes, prosthetics, props and art. We enjoyed a butterbeer, which I already knew I loved and stayed there almost 4 hours-which was not enough as we sped through the last sections. Apparently the display is entirely redone for Christmas and I will have to go back to see it during that time of year.

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