Dancing in the Streets | Liverpool, U.K.

How many times can I say The Beatles? This city lives and breathes everything Beatles related. So if you are a fan, Liverpool is a must. I took the Magical Mystery Bus tour which took you to the childhood homes of Paul McCartney and John Lennon as well as Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane. If listening to Beatles music for 2 hours straight is something you don’t mind, then go for it! I loved learning about the origins of the song lyrics and a little bit about the lives of the band members before they became famous. Liverpool is very small and far away from London, but I felt inspired to see the city that produced 4 revolutionary musicians and realized that talent can be born anywhere. Now I will say that listening to Beatles music on repeat for several hours is a favorite pastime of mine, so naturally I frequented The Cavern Club for 3-4 hours each day during my long weekend in Liverpool. It was a wet and rainy weekend in early March, the city was quiet and easy to navigate. With Beatles songs stuck in my head all day, I walked around the city and along the docks and felt as if I had the city all to myself. One of the best meals I had in the U.K. was at a Brazilian BBQ restaurant in downtown Liverpool: Viva Brazil. I went for the decor and the lunch special, but was wowed by the food-especially the sausage and cinnamon pineapple.

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