Scottish Highlands: You Mean Heaven?

I begin to daydream when I reminisce about my trip to the Scottish Highlands. I would go back in an instant to this very special place. I took a day trip by bus from Edinburgh to the Highlands and Loch Ness but didn’t make it to the Isle of Skye which I will have to go back and see. It snowed the entire time and the downfall picked up the further we got into the Highlands which only added to the ambiance, excitement and natural splendor of this part of Scotland. The pit stops the tour took to fuel both the vehicle and the tourists I didn’t care for, next time I will rent a car, drive up at my own pace and handpick each stop based on restaurants. Several of the photo opportunity stops we made seemed very familiar, this was because many films and TV shows (Game of Thrones & Harry Potter) took advantage of the timeless backdrop and filmed here.

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