Dean Village: Don’t you mean The Forest of Dean from Harry Potter? Nestled beside the bustling and busy city of Edinburgh is the quaint hamlet of Dean Village. A river runs through and cobblestone streets and mid century homes are abutted by a graveyard which also has a Harry Potter-esque feel to it. If you... Continue Reading →

I begin to daydream when I reminisce about my trip to the Scottish Highlands. I would go back in an instant to this very special place. I took a day trip by bus from Edinburgh to the Highlands and Loch Ness but didn’t make it to the Isle of Skye which I will have to... Continue Reading →

At the edge of the University of Glasgow campus, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum had everything and was so interesting. There were famous paintings from artist’s I already knew I enjoyed like Dali as well as antique furniture and stained glass. Not to mention the modern art installations which almost seemed to be part... Continue Reading →

I can truly say that we ate our way through Glasgow and enjoyed every bite! Starting off with lunch at Brel, a Belgian restaurant that attracted me only because of the hot air balloons in the window. We were not disappointed. Beer, Mussels, Hamburgers, Gin & Tonic and too many French Fries. This establishment is... Continue Reading →

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