Castle to Castle | From Cork to Dublin

The drive back to Dublin from Cork was magical. Cobh (pronounced “cove”) was the last spot the Titanic picked up passengers before embarking on the journey across the Atlantic, so there was a fantastic waterfront exhibit there. Kilkenny was another good stop featuring a beautiful castle and bustling little town with many shops, restaurants, churches and of course charm. After spending an hour or so exploring Kilkenny, the drive back to Dublin was probably my favorite part of my time in Ireland. A pit stop in the quintessential and obscure little town of Borris really made me change my mind and attitude about my Ireland experience. Pulling off the road to check out an old railroad bridge that had a stream flowing underneath I was pleasantly surprised by a herd of cows that raced across their pasture with the hope of a snack tastier than grass and on the other side of the stream was a herd of sheep. The image of those cows and sheep separated by a stream and grazing at the foot of the crumbling, moss covered bridge became burned in my brain and was all I wanted to think of when I pictured what Ireland was like.

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