My last night was one for the books and done in a style that I would claim is my own-my lovely friend booked us a table at a speakeasy style bar called the Vintage Cocktail Club. This bar was no ordinary bar, it was cozy and transported you back to a different era with fancy... Continue Reading →

Stop for a meat pie and a pint in Galway, a popular spot for shopping, drinking and eating. I wish I had more time there, so much to eat and see including edgy street art. Galway is quite a lively place since there is a university there and it is the closest town to one... Continue Reading →

You can’t go to Ireland and not take a walk along the Cliffs of Moher (pronounced "more"). Make sure you check the weather beforehand and pick a day where the view will be clear, rain doesn’t matter so much because it it still so beautiful but the clouds will really get in the way of... Continue Reading →

The drive back to Dublin from Cork was magical. Cobh (pronounced “cove”) was the last spot the Titanic picked up passengers before embarking on the journey across the Atlantic, so there was a fantastic waterfront exhibit there. Kilkenny was another good stop featuring a beautiful castle and bustling little town with many shops, restaurants, churches... Continue Reading →

For whatever reason, I decided to do an overnight trip to Cork where the main thing to do is a visit to Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney stone! The castle was obviously very old and I would consider it very "spartan". I can’t imagine it was the most comfortable place to live as I... Continue Reading →

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