A Cold & Stormy Irish Greeting

Before I begin, let me just say that when planning a trip to Ireland you need to consider the weather and then pick your travel month wisely. After a brief and expensive (food wise) connection in Iceland, my arrival in Dublin was thwarted by chaos and a thin layer of snow and I was rerouted to Belfast. All I knew about Belfast was that there was a Titanic exhibit, stepping off the plane I was greeted with the familiar smell of sheep, hay and animal waste which for some reason I found rather charming. As far as the eye could see, there were green hills lightly dusted in snow and splattered with sheep who didn’t seem to mind the weather. I very much enjoyed the nerving 3 hour bus ride back to Dublin airport, though it was a struggle to keep my eyes open, I nearly had to staple them so I could enjoy the snowy scene of small cottages, farms and green countryside-which I would later decide was my favorite aspect of my Ireland visit.

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