My first stop on the Gold Coast was the Lamington National Park - I got picked up and whisked off to the forest where our driver took us up the side of the mountain on a 4 wheel drive path. A private road, straight through the woods, where we were able to see animals clinging... Continue Reading →

It literally took FOREVER to get to Australia, but to be fair, I had been to 8 countries beforehand. Nearly 3 days after I left Athens, I arrived in Gold Coast, Australia and made my way to Surfers Paradise, Australia - a party haven for surfers and travelers alike all year round. I was all... Continue Reading →

On my journey from Greece to Australia, in order to get the deal I did on my flight, I had to stopover in Singapore for 19 hours! So that's 17 hours of flying, 10 hours from Athens to Singapore, 19 hours in Singapore, and the 7 hours to Gold Coast Australia. I arrived nearly 3... Continue Reading →

Blocks away from Monastiraki Square, the major monuments, and the bustling shopping center of Athens is the best scene for a date with a significant other or just yourself - Noel. I saw photos of this trendy restaurant/bar on Instagram and made it my mission to spend my birthday dinner there - best decision I... Continue Reading →

The city of Athens was built around the Acropolis, it was the center of every city dwelling citizens experience. It's no surprise that the most coveted homes have always been closest in proximity to this timeless marvel, nowadays, the neighborhoods that lie on the incline of the hill where the Acropolis sits, are the trendiest... Continue Reading →

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