At the crack of dawn, I hopped aboard a boat ready to snorkel at the outermost part of the Great Barrier Reef. The guides aboard told us about all of the marine life we would see and each creatures role in the underwater ecosystem - some fish cleaned others and had customers lined up like... Continue Reading →

I took an old steam train up the side of the mountain to the top of Kuranda National Park, the train tracks were originally used for mining but are still in operation to bring tours up and down from the peak. We stopped to get a birds eye view of a series of waterfalls and... Continue Reading →

The Great Barrier reef was on my bucket list and my friend in the U.K. said that Cairns was a must do out of everything in Australia. The city of Cairns is more of a port for travelers going out to see the reef - which is heavily polluted and damaged so I wanted to... Continue Reading →

What a life! Living in Australia seemed to suit my two friends, both avid kitesurfers and beachgoers, Brisbane has it all. We grabbed fish, chips, and calamari from a small chippy right on the beach - the seafood in Australia is the real deal.

My next stop was up north to Brisbane to visit some friends - though sunny and friendly, Brisbane was a very new city built from cement and in a brutal architecture style. The entire country has strong influences from Asia and India, so that type of food is awesome and the cultural ties are strong.

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