I have never heard of anyone who went to Ireland for the food or who "ate their way through Ireland" but I will say that I had some delicious and hearty meals in the country of meat and potatoes. Most of these meals evoked a feeling of warmth and comfort and in one case a... Continue Reading →

The following day I took the same train to the small seaside town of Howth, where I immediately hopped on a little fishing boat doing a tour of a small island not even a mile from the shore. It was a windy and chilly day, but I was able to get a good view of... Continue Reading →

The first day we were able to go out and explore Dublin, the sidewalks were slick and the roads slushy but we made a point to hit some free museums and were very pleasantly surprised with the National Gallery of Ireland. I wish we had arrived earlier and had more time to spend in the... Continue Reading →

The storm that was rolling across the country would later be known as “The Beast from the East” and I decided that I had picked the wrong time to arrive in Ireland. Luckily I arrived on the first day of the storm, because for the following four days I was stuck inside with my friend... Continue Reading →

Later that week I was able to venture outside of Dublin via public train to see a few of my favorite things: the beach and castles. The little town of Malahide was my first stop and I made a beeline to Malahide Castle, which was within walking distance of the train and dates back to... Continue Reading →

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